Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Movie Making Tutorial

Today, I published a new tutorial that describes how you can create movies in Google Earth Pro and EC. Please take a look and pass along any comments you may have.

As the tutorial mentions, "You can use the Movie Maker feature to record 3D viewer imagery and save the recording as a movie file. You can make a movie that follows the camera viewpoint to and from multiple locations. You can either set the feature to record your interactions with the 3D viewer in real-time, or you can set up a tour and record the entire tour without interruption. Once you finish recording and have saved your movie file, you can make the file available on a web site, use it in a presentation, or send it via email."

You learn more about all of Google Earth's movie making capabilities in the user guide. There are other tutorials you can follow as well.


Lyononline said...
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Greg said...

I would suggest using to host your videos that you create from Google Earth. They are good folks, who are there to help. It is of course free and they have all kinds of tools to help you publish the finished product to your website... No, I don't work there, I am just a fan.

PrimeTime said...

anyone here proficient in google earth from the new england area that might be willing to do some work for a real estate company outside boston?

Martin said...

Primetime - contact Akshay Vazirani at Dreamingcode. His number is 617 820-5195