Monday, December 11, 2006

Wikipedia in Google Earth

Google just published a new collection of Geographic Web layers for Google Earth, which includes a Wikipedia layer. Those of you who are familiar with Wikipedia know what an amazing resource of information it can be.

Many (but certainly not all) Wikipedia entries are included in this layer. This means that when you check this layer, Wikipedia points of interest (POIs) display for locations around the world. Simply navigate to the area you are interested in and click any relevant Wikipedia POIs to view Wikipedia content that describes the area, city, landmark, etc.

To enable this layer in Google Earth, in the Layers panel, check the Geographic Web folder or open that folder and check Wikipedia. Learn more about layers here.


Ulises Jorge Bidó said...

Do you have any idea how to add wikipedia entries to google earth..?
or is that something that is done automatically..?



D said...

How to modify wikipedia entries for GoogleEarth? And where? I mean, not the wikipedia ones, the wikipedia entries for GE. I see some mistakes only present on the GE window.
(I allready have a wikipedia account)

John said...

See my blog entry on 12/13/06. Hopefully, it answers your questions about adding and editing Wikipedia entries that appear in the Wikipedia layer in Google Earth. All the geographical coordinates for these articles reside in the Wikipedia articles themselves.