Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Learning in Sky

Today, Google released the latest version of Sky. For a full run down of all the new features and content, visit some of the sites listed below.

My personal favorites in Sky are the Hevelius Constellations (Layers > Historical Sky Maps > Hevelius Constellations). These artistic engravings depict the constellations as an overlay in Sky. They are stunning. As a father of school-aged kids, I can't wait to share these with them. In fact, I plan to give a presentation to my daughter's class using these engravings as a starting point.

Because visually enticing an audience is so important to capturing their imagination, Sky becomes an incredible educational tool in and out of the classroom. I would love to hear stories about how Sky users have created astronomy lesson plans or presentations using this tool. Or if you are interested in using a lesson plan, what sort of subjects would you like to see addressed?

Read about the new Sky:

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