Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Real Estate and Google Earth

Over the weekend, a friend and occasional user of Google Earth asked me about how he could use the software with his real estate business. There are many options, ranging from the simple to the elaborate:

Create placemarks of properties - Once you create and share placemarks, clients can virtually visit listings, read your descriptions, view videos and more.

Create polygons showing parcel boundaries - Again, this gives clients the opportunity to see exactly what it is you have to offer. Learn more.

Import your existing GIS data into Google Earth - Google Earth Pro can ingest your GIS data and allow you to publish much of this information to both Google Earth and Maps. As a large scale example, the City of Portland has published data for parcels, zoning, crime, school districts and more.

Create, import or place SketchUp 3D models - Using Google SketchUp, you can create or import simple or complex models of properties and place them in Google Earth. The 3D Warehouse has models ready for you to start with.

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Andrew said...

I can create the information about a property listing. How you share it with people who are looking for property.