Friday, May 02, 2008

Movie Maker Tips

Google Earth Pro users may be happy to learn that the user guide has a section devoted to movie maker tips. By following these suggestions, you can make outstanding movies with much less hassle.

Perhaps the most important thing to do before recording is to maximize the performance of your computer. You can do this by closing all other applications, unchecking all layers in Google Earth except terrain (and 3D buildings if necessary) and downloading the latest video driver for your computer. You can also try adjusting texture quality as this can affect both performance and visual quality of your video.

If you are still have questions, try the Google Earth Pro group.


Aaron said...

Given that Virtual Earth now provides HD movie-making functionality for free (and it has features than Google Earth, like setting different pause and rotation times for each placemark), how long until Google either makes Movie Maker part of the free package, or builds a real movie-making tool that includes keyframing and the ability to turn placemarks/models/polygons on and off during the movie?

Stu Smith said...

I pay Google $400 (!) per year for GE Pro, just so that I can make movies. Yet, I have to get a separate license agreement from Google before I can publish any movie! The license application process is cumbersome and takes about 3 weeks to get a response. Ugh. After waiting for a response, Google tells me that I can can post the movie to the web, but I can't place it on a DVD. How stupid is this? Why would anyone put up with this cost and waste of time? I think I'll take my money elsewhere, like maybe Redmond...