Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Expo Questions

I spent a chunk of today working the Google Earth and SketchUp booth at Macworld in San Francisco. It is very exhilarating to see first hand how much fun users have using our product. I thought I would answer some of the cross-platform questions I kept hearing at Macworld in hopes that it might improve your Google Earth experience:

Q: Can I create multiple point route driving directions in Google Earth?
A: As you may know, Google Maps recently enabled this very handy feature. While Google Earth does not exactly support this functionality, you can approximate it by creating driving directions, saving them to My Places and repeat. You can drag and drop these sets of driving directions into a folder and give this folder a meaningful name (e.g. "My Trip on the Oregon Coast"). Learn more about driving directions and places.

Q: Does Google Earth Pro provide better quality imagery?
A: No, all versions of Google Earth use the same imagery except Google Earth EC. However, you can explore different imagery using the WMS feature or by importing your own imagery as an image overlay.

Q: When I search for the address of my house, the result appears in the wrong location. How can I give directions to my place if this is the case?
A: This error can occur for a variety of reasons. For example. when you search for an address in Google Earth or Maps, these services show you the approximate location of your house based on known block numbers of street. This sometimes results in a depiction of an address that is not quite right.

One workaround is to put a placemark on the location of the house in Google Earth and create directions to this location or simply share this placemark. If you want to provide directions in Google Maps:
  1. Create a placemark at your home.
  2. Copy the the latitude and longitude coordinates from the New dialog box.
  3. Paste these coordinates in the Google Maps Search Maps field.
  4. Click Search Maps. Google Maps displays a map with an icon for this location which you can use to create directions.
Any other questions? Please let me know!


Greg said...


I have a question... I have created a KMZ file from MapInfo using the free tool found at

This tool works really well, and I was able to view the created files in Goolge Earth 3, no problem. They looked really great!

Those same files display badly in Google 4, or don't display at all. Same computer, same files, different Google Earth version. It seems like the very latest version of Google Earth displays the created files the worst of all.

Any suggestions?

I have yet to try and display my MapInfo files in Google Earth on another computer, just to see if it is a graphics card problem.


John said...

Hi Greg. Could you post this KMZ file on a public web server so I can take a look? Be sure to share the URL. Thanks.

Daniel Fox said...

Hi Greg,

Often when using Google Maps or Google Earth I notice errors in the map data, and would like to be able to send feedback to the source so it can be corrected. Who should I be sending them to. (I'm a cartographer, but if there was a way everyone could do this it could certainly help to increase the accuracy of the maps.) Most of my corrections are either near Toronto, or in other, more remote areas of Ontario, Canada.



John said...

Hi Daniel. You can use this page to report map errors:

Greg said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the offer, but I can't put the data on a public server right now as I am not the owner of the data. Thanks anyway!