Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Realtime GPS Tracking

If you have a compatible GPS device, recent versions of Google Earth Plus and Pro allow you to track your movements as they occur. For example, you could track your travel progress in a plane or in a car with a GPS device connected to portable computer with Google Earth. Of course, imagery in Google Earth depends on an Internet connection. As a workaround, Frank Taylor of Google Earth suggests that you cache your imagery of your route before departing. Learn more about caching.

Like the time slider, it will be interesting to watch how Google Earth users apply this feature. I can envision live blogs of treks that use network links that describe interesting journeys that individuals embark upon.

Learn more about realtime GPS tracking.


Anders said...

You may just have realized an idea I have had for a long time, combining a flight simulator with GPS data in real time. That combination would provide a clear view of the ground below even when flying through clouds og at night. It could be used to make a better artificial horizon in planes or just as a view of the scenery for passengers in a plane. It could even be used in a submarine if you somehow could provide it with
"GPS" data. I could also be used to ease the control of a long range model plane by getting a view ahead without using a video camera. Anders

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