Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creating Overlays for Google Maps

You may know about adding image overlays in Google Earth. But did you know that you can publish these overlays in Google Maps and share them with others?

Example: I took a portion of a map of the Stevens Creek Trail here in Mountain View, CA and added it as an image overlay in Google Earth. I then saved the overlay as KML (right click the overlay in the Places panel > Save As). I posted this KML file on a website. Next, I went to Google Maps, typed in the URL of the KML and clicked Search Maps. In the resulting page, I clicked Link to this page and copied the the URL. View the Steven Creek Trail in Google Maps.

Here is another example showing an image of Mount Etna.

Note that any image overlay added to the Google Earth Community boards can be viewed in Google Maps by using the link at the top of the posting.


Bostjan said...


I tied first option, but I get just a blank box. Any idea?


John said...

What kind of image file are you are using? Google Earth can work with the following:


rolandmex said...
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phani said...


I converted a shape file to KML file and overlayed on google earth. till here its fine. But i want the same knl file to be overlayed on google maps. the kml file is on the local machine.

can any one help me in this respect.


johnjoerambo said...

hey im doing a project for university and was wondering could I take the normal street map and overlay a picture of my university on to it? thanks.