Thursday, March 01, 2007

Google Earth Groups

Google recently launched a new set of groups: Google Earth Help. These replace the Google Earth Community help forums, which are now read-only. Forums in the new group include:
  • Google Earth
  • Google Earth Plus
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Google Earth for Mac OS X
  • Google Earth for Linux
  • Google Earth Pro Movie Maker
Chances are that if you have a question about using Google Earth, a peer or Google employee can answer it on these boards. Give it a spin and tell us what you think.

Word is that soon another forum will begin that I will closely watch: Google Earth GPS :-)


Robert Lipe said...

It wasn't in the old regime and it's not exactly getting a huge amount of traffic, but Earth GPS group was there at launch.

John said...

Robert, you are right. Apparently, I was writing on old information. Things move very fast around here.