Thursday, June 28, 2007

Customizing Tours

Did you know that you can play a tour that follows an invisible path? This is useful if you want create a tour or a movie of a tour that follows a very specific route, but do not want to show a path or any placemarks. Just create a path with the color opacity set to 0% and play a tour that follows that path. Learn more about touring places.

Using the G-Force navigation mode in Google Earth Pro, you can also record a movie that follows your exact horizontal and vertical movements on or above the globe. For example, Frank Taylor of Google Earth Blog created this very cool video that simulates a fighter jet flight in the Swiss Alps (read more).

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eryk_pl said...


I am a beginner with Google Earth. I see You are quite familiar with setting up paths. Maybe You can help me. How can I set the path, see its lenghts and save it. So I can work over my path, save it and get back to it, still seeing the lenght (distance) of the path.
I hope my problem is understanable ;)