Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One to Remember: Pressing the Scroll Wheel

Somehow I managed to let the first anniversary of this blog pass by without some kind of acknowledgment. But to make up for this, here is a re-run post from October of last year.

This tip is one that always fascinates users who have not heard of this functionality:
Perhaps the most overlooked method of navigating in Google Earth is the technique of rotating the view by holding down the middle mouse button or depressible mouse wheel.

Give it a try. First, navigate to a favorite location in Google Earth. Press down the middle mouse button or wheel and move the mouse. Moving up and down tilts the view, whereas moving left or right rotates the view. Cool, eh?

This represents a very useful way to adjust your perspective of a location. In fact, this is how I always view an area once I have located it.

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dstartz said...


My apologies for using this venue this way, but I didn't know how else to contact you.

On a Google search I found your name associated with Las Cruces, NM. I, too, am a Gardiner and have family in/from that area(i.e. my grandmother was post master at Radium Springs 1949-1961).

I'm wondering if you could help me with some background on the Gardiner family in that area. I found a few records, but only my grandparents marriage certificate in Dona Ana was something I could say concretely was from our branch.

With sincerest thanks for any help you may be able to give,

Donna Gardiner Startz
Alice, TX