Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Creating KML

How do you create your KML? There are different KML authoring tools available.

Generally, I edit my KML in Adobe Dreamweaver, though a text editor like Notepad works fine. I create a network link in Google Earth to the KML file so I can view how my edits appear almost as soon I create them. I also set Google Earth to show all KML errors as it reads my file as a coarse means of debugging my KML.

However, this tutorial demonstrates how you can debug your KML using a nifty tool called jEdit.

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Earth Outreach said...

I looks like the XML plugin required for this tutorial now needs at least jEdit version 4.3pre7.

The bug mentioned in this tutorial that was the reason for recommending that you instal jEdit 4.2 (stable) should now been fixed.

Go ahead and install the latest 4.3pre12 beta version, and following the rest of the tutorial, and you should be fine. We'll get the tutorial updated.

If you have any questions/problems, ask them here on the Earth Outreach Google Group.

good luck!