Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Editing Imported GPS Tracks

Some GPS devices (particularly older ones) can record inaccurate data in the field. You may notice this after you import and view GPS data in Google Earth Pro or Plus. This can be disappointing to say the least. Often when I import GPS tracks from my mountain bike rides or hikes, I clean up the data in Google Earth by editing these tracks manually.

To do this, in My Places, expand the GPS data folder > Tracks > (appropriate track folder). Select the path and choose Edit > Properties. Now you can can edit the track as you would any path in Google Earth. You can move around, add and delete path points and change the appearance of the path. Learn about using paths and polygons.

As for waypoints, you can use a similar process to edit these as you would placemarks.


Clyde said...

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houtan said...

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PaulH said...


I want to achieve the same, but
I do not see "Edit > Properties" in my interface.
I have Google Earth Plus.

Can you describe the procedure more detailed.