Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geothermal Presentation launched some incredible KML recently that describes potential geothermal energy resources in the United States. This presentation utilizes the Google Chart API. Read about this effort or view this presentation in Google Earth.

This KML is both very slick and very effective. Be sure to play with the settings in the Places panel to see 3D depictions, energy resource depth and animations. Each chart icon opens a placemark balloon that provides additional information about geothermal resources in the given state.

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Creitz said...

I'm probably one of Google's best viral marketers. They not only have great products, respect for their customers and employees, but they are arguably the most environmentally responsible company on the planet. I love what they are doing around the world to fight hunger and poverty and encourage sustainability. I just wrote about some of the other things Google is doing to be "Creation Friendly" on my blog. Thanks for this post.