Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Navigating in 3D

Many Google Earth users still tend to view the Earth in the software using a top down view. When I attended the Macworld Expo earlier this year, again and again I found myself showing new users how to tilt terrain. The response was typical: "Wow, I had *no idea* you could do that!"

So I am dedicating today's blog post to great examples of 3D earth browsing:
  • Grand Canyon - Navigate to the Grand Canyon and tilt the terrain (or just click the link to the left). It does not matter where in the canyon you go, as it looks spectacular almost everywhere.
  • Hoover Dam - Click this link to view another amazing example of terrain in the American Southwest.
  • Swiss Alps - The high resolution imagery available for this area makes 3d browsing a fascinating experience. Read the Ogle Earth blog about this.
Learn about tilting terrain.


Aaron said...

Don't forget about Mount St. Helens!

The terrain and photo resolution are simply stunning.

kmatus said...

I love the tilt feature. A friend pointed me to it several months ago while I was researching retirement property. Now I just need some updated, higher res maps West of Frankfort, KY. Hard to complain too much about a free product though.

morel said...

i live in knokke