Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Working With GPS Files

There are a number of different ways to import GPS data into Google Earth. You can directly import this data from a GPS device using Google Earth Pro or Plus or simply open a .GPX file already on your computer with any version of the software.

A lesser known technique: you can import a .GPX file by simply dragging and dropping the file into Google Earth.

Also, be sure to check out GPS Visualizer. This site can import and export all sorts of GPS data (including KML), draw Google Maps of your data and more. GPSBabel is another great utility that can convert various GPS data formats.

Learn more in the Google Earth user guide.


Robert Lipe said...

This tip should also work for Garmin Mapource (.mps, .gdb) and Magellan Mapsource (wpt, .rte, .trk) files.

Andrew said...

Is there a way to export my .kml file so I can use waypoints created in Google earth on my Garmin 76cs?