Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mobile KML

You may know that you can create compelling custom content for both Google Earth and Maps users with KML. But Google Maps for mobile users can also view this KML content on their mobile devices.

When creating content for small devices, it is best to keep the number of placemarks and visual complexity of the KML limited, as these devices use much smaller screens. Also note that Google Maps can only display a certain subset of KML (learn more).


Chris said...

Hey, speaking of KML, you might like to have a look at my little app that lets you display kml on a map without having to save it to a file first.

Click here to check it out

Blog post about it here


John said...

Hi Chris. Have you considered implementing error/debugging messages in this app?

Chris said...

Just noticed your question!

What sort of error messages? Like what's wrong with the KML etc?

Unfortunately I can't get to that sort of level. The best I could do is probably verify if the kml is valid xml.