Friday, July 20, 2007

Published Versus Unpublished Content

When you create content in Google Earth (such as a placemark), this content resides on your computer unpublished until you decide to share this content with others. So if you mark the location of your home, no one can see this placemark until you explicitly share it with others.

Google does not collect or view unpublished content on your computer.

There are a variety of ways to share such content, such as:


dda said...

How to remove some placemarks in the "Google Earth Community layer" ?
Some people have upload a lot of useless placemark like all the french city names (placemarks allready in the populated places layer). So when you turn the "Google Earth Community layer" on, more than 99% of the "Ecological placemarks" are useless duplicates. And make unreadable the "real" Ecological layers.
(Good example of what pollution is.)
Please give us the possibility to remove some layers.

PS: and I don't even talk about all the only titled : "new placemarks"

videomap said...

On you can find all the best world places in video on google maps with kmz

GAM said...

Please, to "those" that care about giving highly wanted information in the "google earth community layer" : PLEASE....GET RID OFF THOSE USELESS PLACEMARKS !!! and for "those" that DON'T CARE : LAY OFF MAN...YOUR ACTION SHOWS YOUR STUPIDITY!!!

John said...

If you don't like seeing this content, consider using the Community Showcase layer (Layers > Google Earth Community > Community Showcase) while unchecking the Google Earth Community Forums layer.